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How We 
Can Help

We can help you create a tool that could be the most important marketing step your company has ever taken – at a much lower cost than you ever imagined.

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Advertising Sales

Producing a quality magazine is beyond the budget of many associations. By offering reasonable advertising rates to your supplier members and others who target your association member base, Peterson Media Group can help you subsidize the costs to create a publication that helps brand your association and market your services.

Our professional sales staff can work with you to create a list of targeted advertisers. Once potential advertisers have been identified, our sales staff will go to work offering prime advertising positions and promoting the publication.

Of course, your own custom magazine must include information on your company and products. Clever ads on new products and services that you offer, intertwined with articles and important news on your industry, are a great way to get your message to a targeted audience.


Editorial Support

The key to a good magazine for any organization lies in creating interesting articles that are educational – not a sales pitch. Quality content keeps customers and potential customers reading.

Peterson Media Group has years of combined experience producing sophisticated and engaging magazine content within established production timelines. Our editors possess strong editorial skills and attention to detail. We know that managing quality control in all communications involves understanding the editorial process, managing the workflow through proofreading, copyediting and substantive editing, and perfecting the final review.

Peterson Media Group will work closely with our association partners to develop editorial content and themes, as well as a timeline for all magazine activities.

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Design Support

The design team at Peterson Media Group will coordinate all layout/design responsibilities, providing art direction and management of the entire production process of each magazine. Steps include creating technical illustrations and other graphic components, procuring the rights to photographic images, checking all proofs and completing a final press check.

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Circulation Management

Our staff will coordinate all printing and distribution of each publication. Peterson Media Group has a proven track record of meeting deadlines and controlling the costs of production. We continually look for ways to increase the profitability of our publications, including assessing paper, printing and postage costs.

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